Unless you’re a Kennedy or Kardashian, most things in life don’t just fall into your lap. Life is made up of a series of choices that we make and those choices are what define us as people. For me, going to Kalamazoo College, peeing in a corner, taking a shortcut home, and making this outstanding website were some of those choices. Every person and company in the history of the universe has faced a choice (except the fake outrage twats on social media who have made up their minds to bitch about everything in the world from the safety of a keyboard) that has defined them.

In the last several days, Taco Bell decided to make a choice. They brought back Lava sauce. This, ladies and gentlemen, was an example of a good choice. Some of you may read that an be like “Mike you’re an idiot.” Well you wouldn’t be the first person to ever say that, but you’d be wrong. Lava Sauce is top 1. The Volcano lineup from Taco Bell is 2nd to none. So I beg you all, make the right choice and pick up a Volcano anything, even if it’s a Volcano Mt. Dew, and start living. Who knows, it might change your life.



PS If you make the wrong choice, you may end up like this….



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