Middle school fashion in the 90’s. 

Ok kids. Who remembers the good old days? Sure as fuck bet you don’t look and or dress the same. I have a few fashion styles that may slap you in the dick ( or vagina if you got that life altering surgery  ) with some nostalgia.

The bowl cut. 

 Who didn’t rock that bowl cut? Swear to god I got so many letters and over the pants handys in my bowl cut days. All I had to do is toss in some LA looks and make sure my  alfalfa was ready for recess. 

jnco jeans 

God if I could go back in time and kick my own ass. Flame head….who remembers rocking this bell bottoms on meth all over middle school? From the kangaroo to the crown the oversized logos on these denim disasters stood out more than a hooker in the hamptons.

Frosted tips 

Ok dudes. Who didn’t rock these at one point? Ladies loved finger blasting our locks on the playground and in the halls with these electric looks. I’ll see some bro at 5th ave once in a while still icing his head up like its the space jam premier all over again.

One strapping overalls

Chances are your not will smith. However pulling the fresh prince was an instant classic. It said”hey you wanna hoop? Or fuckin give each other hickeys?” Oh man. Only downfall was inconvenience . I mean it’s quicker for taking a fat shit than 2 strapping. But if these super Mario brothas caught on fire and you had to strip down you might be shit out of luck.

Soap shoes 

Oh yeah fuck yeah! Dude lets go 5.0 this handrail into a downword Bosco stick! Nothing made the ladies moister than grinding on a ledge right into her heart. Along with lunch time came shred time. Allthough a few too many west hall warriors went down with injuries , we actually got banned from wearing these. Shoulda checked for dog shit before they tried that gap to grind.

Hip hop looney tunes clothing

  Ok. Thugs bunny? WB really shoulda warned a brotha before turning these loveable little guys into straight up hip hop heroes. It was the best thing that happened to me. Besides my 1st colonoscopy. These dudes came to modern times by giving the cartoons a chance to get wit modern times yo. Notice anything? Bugs is one strapping.


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