What A Wild Weekend!

I don’t even know where to begin. This weekend was one for the record books. Friendsgiving came and went without a hitch. I somehow managed to get hammered drunk and not mess up my dish. The only real issue came the next day when I battled a devastating wine hangover that lasted well into the evening. I guess that’s what happens when you play your part in finishing a box of wine as quickly as possible.

Of course, Friendsgiving was only the tip of the iceberg. Michigan picking up a W in a great game, hardly forming sentences and making it to Renshaw Power Hour, and buying the Justin Bieber album during my Lyft home all contributed to the overall success of the night.

And then there was Sunday…Oh my, to quote Drake, “What a time…to be alive.” How about them Lions though? Love that both of the kickers were doing their part to blow the game. Reminded me of the South Park episode when the kids were throwing little league baseball games on purpose. That game was such a wild ride on the emotional roller coaster. I couldn’t even handle it. I wasn’t sure whether or not the hangover or performance was making me feel like puking, but I chalked it up to the Lions because that’s how I feel every time I watch them. Oh man, 9-7 here we come!

Sprinkle in a Slurpee, stuffed crust pizza, and a ton of leftovers, and you’ve got yourself a solid weekend.

PS – The Bieber album is fire. Best $5 I’ve spent in a decade.

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