3 Day Weekend For What?

I’m going to sound like a psycho here, but I’m not sure I really even enjoy having a 3 day weekend when no one else does. Like what am I even supposed to do with myself? I’ve been awake for like 4 hours now and I haven’t done a single productive thing yet. I mean yeah, I got to sleep in. Cool, what now?

I guess I could go to the gym, but it’s out of the way since I’m not going to work so I’m not sure I really want to use the gas to go. I could go grocery shopping, but that would require me to be in public, and I really don’t want to do that right now. I could finish Christmas shopping, but that would me I have to spend money and I’m all set on that for the moment.

Really anyway I look at it, I’m screwed. I should’ve just gone to work today at this point. I’ve wasted my vacation day. Really a huge bummer. I guess I could just get a head start on everyone and crack open a beer right now. That actually might be the most productive thing I could really do. It would save me money at the bar and help me get the memory of the Lions losing last night out of my head.

Yeah, I’m gonna get drunk. Thanks for the help, folks. This is why I love you.

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