Today Was Awful

Really could’ve used an extra week or year off from work. There aren’t many things in this world harder than going back to work after a 2 week vacation. Don’t care who you are, you can’t possibly tell me that you are able to be 100% focused on work, not wishing you were binge watching daytime TV.


My holiday break really got me thinking that I need to win the lotto or be one of those people who fakes an accident and sues for a ton of money. So when I actually fake an accident and sue for a lot of money, remind me to come back and delete this blog so no one knows.

Getting up this morning was worse than the plague. I’ve had no less than 6 cups of coffee and I still feel like a walking zombie. Frankly, I’m shocked that I even have the energy to blog. Really trying to power through this and do it for the people.

On top of battling to get out of bed, I had to battle all of the New Year Resolution folks at the gym. Like I get that you’re trying to get in shape, I really do. I actually admire you for coming to the gym early, getting there is half the battle. But for Christ’s sake, if you’re going to just sit there and take up space/oxygen, give up your membership and get a donut machine. It would be as useful for your #fitnessgoals as what you did in the gym.

I’m over it. I’m over today. I’m over 2016. I’m actually over 2017 too. Because fuck it. I just want to sell my organs and hang out in a bungalow somewhere warm with a margarita. Really, is that too much to ask?


PS – I’m an idiot and meant to publish this yesterday…whatever, I’m over it.


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