Three Day Weekend

Never needed a break like I do this weekend. Honestly, by 4pm today, I felt like Vince McMahon catching a Stone Cold Stunner. I felt like I got hit by a truck, a Budweiser truck. But 5pm finally came. It was a gift. Like the time Flint Hamady had the lead against the Oscoda Owls and fumbled the ball trying to get a first down, setting up a game winning 33 yard field goal from Mark Negro as time expired. TRULY A GIFT.

I’ve never been so fired up walking out of the building. I mean I’ve headed to vacation, winter break, 4th of July, etc. Nothing compares to the happiness I felt walking out today. 3 days of absolutely nothing. No responsibilities, no phone calls, no meetings, nothing. I’m just going to get absolutely bombed tonight and not worry about a single thing. Actually, that’s my only plan for the entire weekend. I’m going to drink so many mimosas and bowl so many games on Sunday before I head to the auto show, it’s actually scary. Scary in the sense that I know way too many people who will be at the show and I’m sure I will run into way too many of them in my inebriated state.

Oh well, don’t care. I’ve got this blog going for me, which is more than people who are in North Korean work camps I guess. Well, have a day folks. If you’re interested, I’m having a bourbon party at my place and you’re all invited.


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