Washington, D. C. The Recap

“What a time…to be alive. – Drake”

-Mike Lamrock

DC, you guys killed it. Not sure if it was one of the many adult beverages I had in the last 24 hours or just the drive to the airport along the Potomac River, but DC, you’ve won me over. I wasn’t sold after the first few days here. But man, oh man what a way to wrap up the week. I’m going to go ahead and lump my trip into DC into this because it was lit af. Shouts to Yuengling. Shouts to Fireball. Shouts to Chicken and Waffles. Shouts to Morgan for the tour. Shouts to George Washington for having a dope monument. Shouts to DC for being super walkable. Shouts to the MadHatter for being sick in general. Wow, what a time.

I mean great food, nice people, cool shit to see. Can’t beat it. I mean obviously Oscoda trumps all, that’s a no brainer, but DC is in my top 10 now. It’s also hilarious that this entire area refers to itself as DMV. It’s like calling Pontiac Detroit. Like get over yourself. Also, what the fuck is DCA? I type that as I sit in B terminal waiting to board my flight back to Detroit. WHY IS THERE ONLY 1 RESTAURANT WITH ALCOHOL ONCE I GET THROUGH SECURITY!? Honestly, it’s psycho shit. Nightmare fuel if you will. DTW is far superior to DCA when it comes to overall quality of life. Also, how the hell isn’t there a Chick-fil-a here? DETROIT HAS ONE. Whatever, I’m over it. I’m also drunk. Also, I heard no one reads this, so I in the end I’m just talking to myself. Whatever, just a normal Friday, I guess.

I’ll end on that, I’ve still got another hour to wait for my flight and my battery is about to die. I love you all. Meet me in Royal Oak tonight, so I know it’s real.


PS – We locked down our Faster Horses tickets yesterday. I know it’s months away, but god bless it, I’m stoked. We’ll be the ones standing on the RV, wearing cowboy boots and jorts, playing My Kinda Party on repeat, and slamming Keystone Light. GBA (God Bless America for you communists)

PPS – Fast forward to the end of Faster Horses and now the Featured Image for this blog makes sense.

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