The Journey Begins

So I’m sitting here with some squat jobs getting ready to board a plane to Chicago then hop on to another plane that will take us to Denver. I’m just going to come out and say North Terminal is awful. How is McNamara Terminal so much nicer than this? Jesus, at least give me a Starbucks so I can get a coffee frap. Whatever…I’ve got a bag stuffed full of liquor and a gatorade to mix it with. Gotta stay hydrated. Always ready to ball on someone. Back to that last point, I forgot my basketball shoes, so I’m not totally sure I will be balling at 100% if I am challenged.

I’m nervous for this trip. Not like scared of traveling, just scared to get this group of people together in one place with this many reckless things around us.

PS – Can McDonald’s please stop making their coffee so hot? I got a coffee at 8 and there’s no chance I can drink this until I take off from Chicago 4 hours from now.

PPS – Just remembered this pic exists and it’s pretty relevant



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