How Old Is Too Old To Model Your Life After Justin Bieber?

Trick question. You’re never too old to model your life after the boy wonder. You do you, Justin. Such a savage.

Really though, just live folks. That’s all you can do, and that’s all the biebs does. Dave and I are crushing pops and taking these middle schoolers to school in shootouts on NHL 16 (during their spring breaks nonetheless, so ruthless, so barbaric, so evil). I can’t wait to get a few morticians flowing through my veins at the Office tonight. Any of you who have been there know how special that place is. Dreams are made there, relationships are started and ended there, selfies are abundant, the music is ass (on Friday nights). But one thing is for certain, it’s a great time. As long as Jeanie is pouring the Vodka waters, life is good.

PS – So maybe I’m working on a biebs haircut right now? Who cares? Don’t judge me. I’ll get back to living the dream now. Hope all of you are doing the same. I will leave you with this though:

“What a time…to be alive”


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