Friday Pick-me-up

Bad news, it’s not even 9am. Good news, it’s Friday! Only 8+ more hours until you can celebrate your short lived freedom. Whether you were crunching numbers or digging ditches, celebrate the fact that you made it through another grueling work week. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing one thing anyway…

It’s go time, folks. The Elk & Moose Classic kicks off today. Couldn’t be more fired up. 12 degenerates battling this weekend for the Hammer Cup. Can’t wait to drink the sweet nectar of the Gods (Natty Light) out of that bad boy on Sunday afternoon. It’s supposed to be an awesome weekend in terms of weather, so that’s a huge plus.

Speaking of the weather, get out and enjoy it. Only a few more months until winter rolls around and blasts us like a seasoned convict blasting someone convicted of a crime against women or children in prison. Maybe that wasn’t appropriate…oh well. Don’t care. Go outside and enjoy this. Thanks global warming, really helping my tanning game out.

Going to be trying my best to update you beauties on the progress of this event, but no promises. I’ll be hammered drunk by 5pm today and that won’t end until Monday morning. So we’ll see what we can do. In the meantime, God bless, Lux Esto, go Team Moose!

Almost forgot what blog this was. First song is a great summer song. I can’t listen to this song and not think of being on the pond or throwing myself off the Morrish dock after a few beverages on a July evening. Don’t care what your opinion of the band is, you have to respect the fact that this song is great. So just go ahead and do that for me.

Second song switches gears and gets the people going. Just a gem. Don’t really know what else to say about it. Just open your ears, and have a day.


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