Friday Pick-me-up

Bad news, it’s not even 9am. Good news, it’s Friday! Only 8+ more hours until you can celebrate your short lived freedom. Whether you were crunching numbers or digging ditches, celebrate the fact that you made it through another grueling work week. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing one thing anyway…

Get your party pants on, folks. It’s the 4th of July weekend! Literally no better time to be alive/be an American than this weekend. Fireworks, boats, booze, beaches, friends, what more could you need? I’m legitimately asking. As I’m writing this, I’m minutes away from dashing out of my door, jumping in my car, and flying up north to get the party started. If you’ve never had a chance to spend a 4th of July weekend in Northern Michigan, I feel so sorry for you. It’s a spectacle. Just thinking about it gets me all sorts of worked up in completely inappropriate ways. Can’t wait to get back home, throw my spirit cape on, shot gun a beer, then jump into the pond. Nothing better. I dare you to find something that competes…you can’t. So pour one out for our founding fathers and all the men and women who have served this country to make it as bad ass as it is. It’s not Veteran’s Day or Memorial Day, I get it, but we’re celebrating our sweet, sweet freedom. The freedom that was fought for and defended by a lot of brave individuals. So raise your glass to them, and let the festivities begin!


First song really just hit me as I was typing out that beauty of an opener. No words needed, just let your ears celebrate freedom.


Second song is a no brainer. Jody is that dude. He just dropped a new album, Peach Panther, which I strongly recommend picking up. This guy is on a different planet and he’s blessed us by coming to earth and dropping this.

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