Cold as shit. That’s how I felt this weekend. Mother Nature put my head in a pretzel over the last week and a half. How is it going to be 70 one day then 35 the next? I’m convinced Global Warming made up now. Can’t even tell me otherwise. If it was real, I’d be drinking mickie ultras in a lawn chair on my porch right now. Instead, I’m going to cry myself to sleep because it’s so cold in my room.

The dramatic shift in weather has had a serious impact on our plans here at DMtheDetails. We’ve got some pretttttttty solid content on the way, and we were getting ready to start filming here soon. Now that Winter is (maybe) coming (back)…see what I did there…we’ve got to put our plans on hold. At very least, Dave is back from his vacation in the woods and he found a computer. Really fires me up. Kid is gold.

Let’s pray to the gods that Winter frigs off for the rest of the year.

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