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Milan’s Music Midweek Must Pick-me-up

This isn’t just a playlist, its his life. Life on the road can be grueling, long, tiresome and boredom can set in at times. Our friend & Fort Wayne Komets bad boi on the blue line , Dan Milan knows how to get down on and off ice.  What helps push him through and lifts the mood to level 7?Its  his custom playlist, ( StylinMilans Eardrum Dreams )

Nuff said

Wether your week is at a hault like traffic on I75 on the way to see the wings make the Playoff………….JUST KIDDING!!!!!

Wether your tinder date stood you up, you just got laid by Shannon from accounting or you know its almost Friday….pump these jams and i guarantee you’ll be on blast off to audio euphoria.



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