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10 Ways to get over the winter blues and seasonal depression.

Its no secret i among many others , suffer from ” seasonal depression “.

What is season depression you may ask?

Seasonal depression or better known as ( SAD) is which may occur at the same time during the year ( winter for example ) in which you feel the same depression that you had recently experienced the previous winter but felt better in the spring and summer months.

Experts do believe SAD is caused do to lack of sunlight and outdoors which fucks up your “biological clock” if you will.

Basically this fucks with your serotonin ( affects your mood ).

Weight gain, stress, anger, anxiety, sleep longer but still feel tired all time,the list goes on. These are just some of the feelings you may experience during this god awful time.

NEWS FLASH!!!!  Dads here to help you get over those pre-spring winter blues with a little bit of things i’ve done to help EASE THE TENSION BABY!!!


  • 1-Go to the gymgymer-1126999_960_720
  • 2-Build LEGOS                                  stock-photo-multi-coloured-elements-of-the-meccano-on-a-white-background-19374382
  • 3- Start knitting bears-974462_960_720
  • 4- Buy a video game systemstock-photo-father-and-son-playing-video-games-together-at-home-in-the-living-room-294504770
  • 5- Learn yoga meditation-338446_960_720
  • 6- Start meditating buddha-525883_960_720
  • 7- Get hooked on a TV series tv-1240159_960_720
  • 8- Volunteer volunteer-2055042_960_720
  • 9- Do a snow angel snow-1958658_960_720
  • 10- Take a bubble bathbath-water-915589_960_720

Give it a shot, throw life a curve ball. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!! JUST DO IT !!! SPRING IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phil Mickelson


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