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Motivational Mondays


Spermatozoons, floating to ovule

Spermatozoons, floating to ovule – 3d render

Purpose: This blog has been helping you finish for years, but with age, a little warm up to get things going can be very enjoyable. That’s where I come in……

The Blog: If you know how to party you’re still recovering from this weekends hangover. “Why do we put so much poison into are bodies?” Because it makes us happy and every rose has it’s fucking thorn. Plus if it wasn’t for the minor set backs of alcohol on the body, we’d have no motivation to get in shape. It makes sense if you don’t think about. It’s all about balance people. Yin and the Yang. There is literally tons of little baby pools of water in your body right now and you gotta make sure that shits level. ZEN. What’s this about? Oh yeah MOTIVATION or possibly recovery.

I don’t care if you’re trying to burn a few extra pounds or maybe you’re looking for that new promotion. Hell some of us our just looking for a little pick me up to get out of bed. I’m not here to tell you the reasons to justify accomplishing your goals. I’m here for the facts and what all this really breaks down to. Why did primitive people leave their countries to discover new land? Why’d people go to the fucking moon? Why the hell do rich people want to get richer?


Because they CAN. I’m sorry if you we’re looking for some big secret. Lots of things in this life are simpler than humankind makes them. They CAN and YOU CAN as well. I don’t care if you think you’re too tired to work out. YOU CAN DO IT. I don’t care if you think you’re to nervous to start some small talk with that person you’re attracted too. YOU CAN DO IT. The reason anything since this planet’s existence has been done, was simply because it could be done.
Why’d animals start evolving? Because they could. Why the moon start grooving around the earth? Cuz it good.
The Message: Remember when you were a little squiggly thing swimming around. No? Me neither. Anyways at that moment you were the best little squiggly thing you could be. Now you can be the best adult/human thing you can be. It’s a choice people. You can if you really want to.
You can reason anything, but the truth is CAN

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