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Motivational Mondays


I’ve been thinking a lot about structure lately. Independence wants one to be free, to fly away, to have no limits. I’m all for independence and self discovery, but maybe there comes a time to find the value in structure. Maybe structure isn’t made by “The Man” just to keep us controlled, maybe it is for our own good. Maybe “The Man” was just a big lion telling a little lion not to go to far off their land. Maybe when those old dudes who wore wigs made all these laws and rules to abide by, they were doing it because they thought it was best for our future.

I’m not saying that tomorrow you should wake up, comb your hair over, and wear a tie. Just look at one law or rule and see how it benefits society instead of limits it. Art/nature and science can work together. Humans are art/nature and rules/laws are science.

It’s like the dam. The dam is science. The dam is structure. The water is art/nature. The dam can benefit the organisms living in the water. And it can be beautiful and happy. The end.

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