Friday Pick-me-up

Bad news, it’s hardly 12 (my bad). Good news, it’s Friday! Only 5ish more hours until you can celebrate your short lived freedom. Whether you were crunching numbers or digging ditches, celebrate the fact that you made it through another grueling work week. At the end of the day, we’re all just doing one thing anyway…


Well I dropped the ball. As I’m writing this, it’s noon. Seriously a minus on my part. I try to have these things ready by 9, 10 at the latest. Not even close. I almost wrote this in advance last night so I could get it out to make up for not posting last week…Faster Horses came a little early on Friday and I didn’t have internet access…sue me. But this is inexcusable. All me. Hand up. I won’t let you down again.

Anyway, we’ve got ourselves a wild little weekend in store for us. For starters, I’m heading north for a family reunion. No idea what to expect. I’m packing more alcohol than clothes though, so I’ve got that going for me (JK, I packed a bag of clothes). We’ve also got a little thing called the Ausable River Canoe Marathon on our hands, ever heard of it? It’s the world’s toughest spectator sport. 14+ hours of following canoe racers overnight from Grayling to Oscoda. Honestly, one of the better times I’ve ever had. Really tough? Yes. Worth it? You bet. If you haven’t followed the race, I recommend grabbing a case or two of beer, a few friends, a mini van, a DD, and following that bad boy all night. Hell of a time.

At the end of the day, there is plenty to get into this weekend. July is winding down, it’s almost August. That’s terrifying. Where did Summer go? I mean it’s still here, but what the fuck? I feel like I just put away my Winter jacket. I mean idk where this weekend will take me, but I’m going to have a drink outside somewhere. Only so many more chances to do that this year. Literally the last Friday in July in 2017 ever. So think about that. Let it marinate.

Anyway, whatever you decide to do, have yourself a good time. Have a pop, have two, shit have three.


First song is a direct request from Dirty Dave. If you’ve ever needed a tune to get going, ask him. He gets it.


Second we’ve got a new one from Skrillex. I don’t know what it is about this video, it’s just great.

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