Motivational Mondays

I didn’t want to be a one hit wonder. During summer and the holiday season you’re on your own. If you need to be motivated during these times look somewhere else than this humorous little effort blog. On to the motivativating part, today’s topic is shortcuts.


We love ’em. We use them all the time as much as possible. Remember when you actually had to go to a movie store and argue with your family on what to rent, great times. Now we’re so lazy we won’t even go to the TV to stream shows, we’ll just stay in our beds and do it on our phones. Google, grubhub, and tons of other electronic shortcuts are eliminating the growth that takes place during a journey. Stop focusing on the destination! Efficiency isn’t always the best breeding ground for growth.

Another thing that surprises me is how frowned upon walking is. Typical scenario here…..The bar downtown is getting ready to close. Your group is crashing at a place 22 minutes in walking distance away. However somebody is going to say “blah blah blah its cold, lets get a 7 minute Uber.” It sounds crazy, I know, but using this shortcut(uber) is taking away the chance to embrace the journey. The destination(the house) isn’t going anywhere, there is no benefit worrying about it. By not taking this shortcut, you will have a greater experience and feel more accomplished.

Life is the journey. The destination is the afterlife. Don’t use shortcuts and get there to quick.


What’s up with this content dilemma? And can somebody get Dave to blog about all these hockey trips?


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