Weekend Checklist

Being from the state of Michigan, I’m usually pretty #SUPERBLESSED when it comes to things to do on any given weekend. This weekend is no exception. So without further adieu, here are my top 5 things to do this weekend in the beautiful state of Michigan.


I’ve never had a bad time in East Lansing, that’s a fact. With the Spartans sitting in the #2 spot in the college football polls and the Chippewas of Central Michigan University coming into town, there’s no better time to be in EL. I recommend blacking out early at the Tennis Courts then stumbling your way to HopCat to watch the game. After that, you need to rally with a monster, coffee, bump of blow, or whatever your heart desires and get your ass to Rick’s. There was a song written about Rick’s…don’t know if you’ve heard it…

4.) Catch the Tigers for the last time this year

Hey, maybe things didn’t go so well this year, oh well. Ball games are still top 1 and this is your last chance get hammered off $9 beers and throw up on the carousel. Also for all of you fangirls, this is more than likely your last chance to see Ausmus. Tiger Woods has a better shot at kicking his hooker habit than Brad does at being back here.

3.) Explore the lovely city of Saginaw

Just kidding…don’t do that.

2.) Lions have their first home game…tailgate it.

It’s that time of year again in Detroit. I’m not talking about peak murder season, I’m talking about Lions Football. Grab your buds and head downtown to show some love for everyone’s favorite team. They’re taking on Peyton Manning and the Donkeys of Denver. So even if you aren’t going to the game to watch Matt Stafford lead the Lions to victory, you can at least partake in the debauchery that is a Lions tailgate. Just remember to lock your car doors and hide any cans, this is Detroit after all.


1.) Get to Iosco County for the best weekend of your life

This is a no brainer. Oscoda @ Tawas tonight for the battle of the Iosco County News Herald trophy, Office Bar to celebrate an Owls victory after, Paul Bunyan festival tomorrow. I mean the game alone will be worth the trip up, the opportunity to listen to Nickelback, the Cupid Shuffle, and the Wobble on repeat is just icing on the cake. Hopefully the beer tent will be back at the Paul Bunyan Festival this year to add a little spice to the wood carving event.

Prediction: Owls 42 Braves 35


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