Weekend Recap

First off, shout out to the Mighty Owls for picking up the W against Tawas on Friday. Have a day, fellas, you’ve earned it.

I hope you beautiful people had a chance to take in something on my Weekend Checklist. Judging by all of the Snap Stories I saw, I’d say that most of you took my advice and went to the Lions game. I was lucky enough to check 3 things off of the checklist:

3.) Last Tigers Home Game

The Tigers had themselves a hell of a weekend. They let the Twins come in and walk all over them, they ran out of peanuts, and they brought back Brad Ausmus…I can’t even be mad, it’s really hard to be that bad. So hats off to them for reaching a low I thought was only reserved for the Pistons.


Peyton had his chicken parm and ate it too. Lions fans are like those people you see on Jerry Springer that get back together at the end of the episode despite some crazy story of infidelity involving a midget, a woman with a homemade split tongue, and a cousin with 2 teeth. Despite every single sign saying they should just give up and move on, they keep coming back, only to be disappointed again in a week. I was one of those love drunk, heartbroken fools in the stands praying that this week would be different. Early on, things looked good, and then the Lions remembered they were the Lions and lost the game in classic Lions fashion. Still predicting they finish 13-3 and win the Super Bowl, so it’s whatever. I can’t root against this guy



1.) Stayed out of Saginaw

Pretty self explanatory

PS – Despite the awful performance by Detroit teams this weekend, I do have good news, sports fans. I’m 95% sure you won’t have to have your visit to Comerica Park ruined by an Alex Avila sighting next year!


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