Getting called into the office isn’t a bad thing.

 From morticians to parking lot handys who doesn’t love a night out at the beautiful, friendly and inexpensive office lounge & grill located in downtown Oscoda Michigan. Where your wait staff is family and the pops are colder than any of my exes hearts. You don’t have to be rich to tie on a heavy buzz (or black out for that matter). The crowd is a plethora of ages, backgrounds and all walks of life. Once in a while pro athletes will stroll in for a glass sandwich or 2. You can wander the establishment and share hugs, smiles, laughs and catch up with that buddy you haven’t seen since last Saturday’s after party where you ripped down 14 smokes and talked about the good old days partying in the woods and scumming it up at rat beach. We love the fuck out of morticians. What’s that?! The house shot. The exit from sober city, nectar of the gods ! If I had a dollar for everytime I woke up next to some troglodyte from a night of ripping mortys I’d have at least 12 bucks. You can easily get a few free darts and suds cause people care, like they want you to party. The djs will play your favorites from journey to twerk and squirt music. It depends on how wild you’re feeling. So after a long week of the 9-5 bullshit, the kids are in bed, you have 2 days to sleep in and bitch all Sunday at your shitty Home Depot / Walmart trip to your significant other. Maybe stop at applebees have a few apps and drinks to get in the mood for some late night loving . Doubtful the following week you’ll hit those workout goals but more power to you. But my names not Judy so I can’t judge anyone.

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