Hey guys, hope you had a #SuperBlessed day. I sure did. Why’s that? Oh sure, I’d love to tell you. It was #NationalCoffeeDay. To celebrate I had no less than 10 cups of Joe. I’m honestly surprised my heart hasn’t exploded at this point. This got me thinking, do people only drink 1 cup of coffee? It honestly doesn’t make sense to me. People look at me like a psycho when I pour cup #5 as I’m trying to avoid thinking about my life in a cube. Drinking 1 cup of coffee is like not stopping at Krispy Kreme when the free donut light is on, pure crazy people shit. Speaking of Krispy Kreme, they had a hell of a deal today. You could get yourself a hot Java and a glazed donut,aka glazed heaven, for free. By my estimation you have about 3 hours to get yourself there to claim your reward. So thank me later and hurry your asses up so you can end this holiday the right way. DIABETES FOR YOU! DIABETES FOR ME! DIABETES FOR EVERYONE!



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