Big News From Mars Today

I get it, I’m late on this. Oh well, I’m over it. The announcement from NASA was pretty huge today. I’m in no way trying to act like I understand what the discovery really means. For all I know, space piss from the International Space Station could have finally made its way to the red planet. Either way, as soon as I heard the announcement, my mind went in one direction and I had an immediate concern. If this means there is life on Mars, how long until said life comes to Earth and takes over? I’ve seen Mars Attacks enough times to know how to prepare for when that time comes, but I’m just not sure enough people have that same level of experience in martian defense. So I’m sitting here tonight begging everyone to please, for the sake of humanity, watch Mars Attacks. Someone tweet Obama and tell him to get a copy to every public school before it’s too late. #StayWoke



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