I Hate That I Love This Team

I was lucky enough to be in attendance yesterday to watch the Lions get dismantled by a pretty good Arizona team. I totally get that people are upset with the Lions performance this year, I really do, but the mass exodus that started late in the first half was embarrassing. I get that people are going to boo the team, and they have every right to. Those tickets aren’t cheap and when you’re spending your hard earned money to watch whatever the hell the Lions roll onto the field, I fully support voicing your displeasure. But leaving? C’mon man. Imagine if your parents would’ve walked out on you when you were being a shit head child. They wouldn’t because they cared about you and loved you through the good times and the bad. I know as a Lion fan, there have been a lot more of those bad times, but they just make those good times so much sweeter when they do come.

Some people have this insane expectation that this team should be contending for a Super Bowl. Like when you come back from  your Madden ’16 fantasy land, let me know. This team is bad, that’s just all there is to it. It’s not all Stafford’s fault (if you ask me, very little of this is his fault, but that’s a different story for a different day). It’s not all Caldwell’s fault. Shit, it’s not even all on the defense. They are bad as a unit and it shows. When you don’t give Stafford time to throw, he gets rushed, and that leads to bad decisions. When you don’t give Abdullah or Bell a hole to run through, that eliminates the running game. When you eliminate the running game, you are right back to Stafford having no time to do anything. Not really sure if people know this, but Stafford was the one who threw those balls to Calvin Johnson…the boy’s a player. He ain’t no walk on scrub.

Until the management pulls their heads out of their asses, this is going to be the product that you see on Sunday’s for a long time coming. I’d love to see the Lions draft a player who sticks around for more than 2 years and isn’t a complete bust (hey Ebron, how’s that sore knee?) Until that happens, or the coaching staff can pull a Harbaugh and completely change the attitude of this team, it’s going to be ugly. So if you do find yourself at Ford Field in the near future, just do me one favor, don’t leave. You know what you’re getting yourself into by being a fan of this team. So grow a backbone and stick it out during the tough times so you can say you were there the entire ride when they finally parade the Lombardi Trophy down Woodward. That’s all I’ve got. Go Lions.\

PS – If you honestly think Orlovsky gives the Lions a better shot at winning, this is for you:


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