Live from the center of the universe aka Ann Arbor

I’m on a bus packed with booze and wacky folks headed to Ann Arbor. Here we fucking go. 

Stay tuned 

9:25 am

Jones just called a man Santa. We’re off to a great start. They just started playing pitbull. This is a great sign. 


9:45 am

Just played thunderstruck as a bus. Pray for us

11:20 am

Kaplan tailgate. Enough said 

1:16 pm

No idea what’s going on. Meet me at the golf course


3:55 pm

Lost. Go blue


7:30 pm

Just realized nothing has been posting for the last 4 hours. Fuck it. Great game. Shitty ending. No chance Jim doesn’t go crazy and win out for the rest of eternity. No clue where half of my crew is. Chalk it up as a W because I have no affiliation with either team. I’m drunk that’s all that matters. Go Hornets   

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