Intro to #KCHC2K15

Welcome boys and girls, this is Kalamazoo College Homecoming 2015, better known as #KCHC2K15. This is that magical time of year when all of the friends you haven’t seen in 3 weeks come together to celebrate the establishment they owe $100K. For me, Kalamazoo was a very special place that will always be near and dear to my heart. It helped mold me into the average human being that I am today. To this day, my proudest accomplishment was winning the IM Basketball Championship (shout out to Hackett High). I would pay $100 million to go back and relive that experience over again. But I don’t have that kind of money and I’m 25 so I guess it’s time to figure my life out….now I’m crying harder than I did after listening to Adele’s new song. JEEZE MIKE GET IT TOGETHER!

As I gaze out of my shitty hotel room at the construction on the highway (SHOUT OUT TO KRISTEN SMITH FOR SCHEDULING HOMECOMING DURING WESTERN’S…IDIOT) I realize that there really is no place I’d rather be. Sure I might not really care for some of the people I will see this weekend, and yeah maybe I’ll drink a few too many beers and say some regrettable shit, but so what? It’s #KCHC2K15 YOLO! Life is too short to worry about living by the rules. It’s about saying fuck it, and paying a $20 uber (THANKS AGAIN KRISTEN SMITH) to get to a crowded bar and rip shots of tequila while stuffing popcorn in your mouth. In all honesty, I’ll more than likely end up streaking the quad tonight. That’s just what Hornets do. And God damn it, I’m a Hornet.

So with that, my nonsensical rant is done. I’m going to polish off this case of Keystone Light while I wait for my friends to show up and drink with me. I want to leave you with this little tidbit of advice…have a day and whatever you do, do it for the story.

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