Reporting Live From The Gutter…aka the #KCHC2K15 Tailgate

We’ve downed our coffees, gatorades, and monsters. This is what really counts. It’s game day. Put on your big boy/big girl (or gender neutral) pants and get yourself down to Angell Field. We’ve got some drinking to do, people. You know what they say, you can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning. So with that, I’m going to open my first of many Keystones and get the party started. Big shout out to Kzoo for finally getting Uber though and allowing me to be responsible for a small fee (THANKS KRISTEN SMITH! IM SO HAPPY I GET TO TAKE AN UBER TO CAMPUS INSTEAD OF WALKING FROM THE COMFORT INN!).

We’re live blogging today…see you fools out there.


We found hammer

Jack fire is flowing and bad things might happen to the Oliver fans next to us


And beers were shotgunned


I messed up again. Got too drunk and forgot to live blog. Oh well. The nets got worked but I’m here to live. Meet me at Arcadia. 


  White can number 2 on the day

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