What A Wonderful Monday

How fantastic is it to wake up on Monday and know that the Lions didn’t lose a game the day before? I felt like a new man this morning. I felt optimistic, hopeful, and excited. There was no talk of another blunder in the final stages of the game that led to another loss. No 30 point blowout in another country to sulk about. Not having to start your week completely depressed because your favorite NFL team is that laughing stock of the league, once again, is such a refreshing change of pace. It almost makes me feel like I can take on anything and solve all of the world’s problems.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. I quickly realized (within 10 minutes of waking up) that the Lions are headed to Green Bay to get dismantled by the Packers. Can’t wait for that. Seriously, Can’t wait. All I want is for Matt Stafford to throw for 500 yards and 6 TD’s and for the defense to do what they do best, nothing. The Lions will put up 40+ and the Packers will put up 77. Book it. Can’t wait until they draft another Tight End with the number 1 overall pick this year in the draft. If we’re lucky he will have character issues and a history of dropping passes/not being able to block. Unless Martha Ford finds a great person to take over as GM. So since that is 100% unlikely to happen, I will continue to keep my fingers crossed in hopes of another awful draft class and an offseason full of horrific personnel moves. God, I love this team.


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