Top 5 Reasons Tom Selleck is the ultimate ladies man.

Lets face it! Ladies love him, men want to be him. From Blue Bloods to Magnum PI, its safe to say Tom isn’t afraid to shed a tear and get his hands dirty! Here’s just a few of the MANY reasons Tom will always have your back! The manliest mustache in the game just gets better and better!

1. Hell be there to make you laugh when your feeling blue.

Down in the dumps? Not anymore! Tom will always hold your hand and be a place for you to lay your head on his shoulders when things are rough. You need to vent and tom will be there. Hell make you smile with one of his witty jokes! guess what?! Tom just turned that frown upside down!


2. A jack of all trades, Tom is the ultimate handy man / hubby!

From fixing the kitchen sink and painting the shed, he can do it all. You don’t need to get out the phone book because right under your own roof you have it all! You had a long day….so let Tom do the chores! He doesn’t mind at all.


3. Relax, Drink and be happy! Tom knows when its time to drop all responsibility and let loose! 

Tom knows when you need that cocktail and to let your hair down! Come on! Kick off those shoes and come cuddle in the hammock!


4. Tom knows when to keep it serious too.

Sometimes we get out of line and character. We need a reality check. Tom is there to remind you when its time to knock it off and think about whats really important! He only does it because he cares!

tom-selleck (1)

5. He will always protect you!

    If things ever get crazy you know its okay ! This stud has it all under control. You might be nervous but don’t be!  Let the Magnum roll!  This action hero has all the skills to win the battle and get you home safe to have a relaxing night by the fire or cuddled up on the couch!

Programme Series: Magnum, P.I. - (Series 01).

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