Thomas the Tank Engine Remixes. A sick trend? Or a beautiful mutation?


Dirty Dave here. I’ve been on a hiatus. I quit my job. Binge drinking,drugs and no sex. Lost my mind. Couldn’t find the time in all this free time to post a blog. I had hopes this shit would find the right audience and take off. Well fuck my asshole. People, i just wanna share laughs and make others smile. I’m too ugly to do stand up and don’t have the funds to leave the state. So this is my comeback blog, take back my life blog. Idk. Its almost 2 am and i’m pretty lonely. Blaring some fucking matchbox 20. 3am. I know i’m an hour premature. Ask any of my exes, they’ll agree. Sorry.

Here is a fuckin list of all these remixes. Self explanatory. People take the lovable Thomas The Tank Engine (which i grew up obsessed ) with and add vocals from famous artists to the shows theme song.

Oh wow.

Buckle up assholes and let your audio nightmares begin.


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