The Snow Can Frig Off

Am I the only person not living in Bananaland? I’ve been hearing a lot of complaints about how this won’t be a white Christmas. Honestly, I don’t care. Sure snow is fun when you’re packing up a snowball and launching it at someone. Ice is neat when you are trying to complete the Polar Bear Swim. Outside of that, I really don’t care. People lose their minds when it comes to driving in the snow, so I can do without that. The snow and ice just means everything gets dirty, and when you do laundry as often as I do, you can’t afford to constantly be cleaning wet socks or jeans that got some of that nasty slush shit all over them.

I mean I get that people want to ice fish and snowmobile and snowboard and ski and blah blah blah. Save it for 2016. Personally, I enjoy grilling outdoors in December. It’s awesome. Sure, I’ll be bitching come February when the ice isn’t thick enough at Perchville for the Polar Bear swim. That won’t stop me from jumping in. A little adversity never killed anyone. So sack up and deal with this green Christmas. Consider this El Nino a gift from Mother Nature making it through the Polar Vortex. Remember that? Yeah that sucked.


PS – I’ll be swimming in Lake Huron next week if anyone wants to join me. I’ll bring the sunscreen and Corona.

PPS – I have no idea what the featured image is. I just googled El Nino and it was there. Not sure I even want an explanation. It’s hilarious.


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