I Wish Drinking At Work Was Acceptable 

Why is alcohol so frowned upon in the workplace? Honestly, it would make working in a cube so much more tolerable. I’m not talking about getting Michigan/Michigan State tailgating drunk, just a solid buzz. The ideas would be flowing so freely, my productivity would easily triple. 

There’s obviously a fine line, like one minute you’re having a cocktail, coming up with a brilliant idea. The next you’re blackout and rambling about Making a Murderer conspiracy theories that you found on Reddit. I’m not saying I want to be on that level, I’m just trying to find that buzz that will get me on track for the billion dollar idea. 

In all honesty though, I work in advertising and there are multiple liquor cabinets at my office. It’s also Friday afternoon so the odds that I’ll start drinking at some point are better than Donald Trump’s at becoming President. 

Have a day and Lux Esto

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