What Should You Drink Tonight?

Anything…literally anything. At this point I would drink straight rubbing alcohol just because it has alcohol in the name. I need a drink worse than Tila Tequila needs to fall off of the Earth (which is funny because she thinks the Earth is flat, I guess).

This first week back from break has been ROUGH to say the very least. I’ve drank a hilarious amount of coffee and still feel like packing it up around noon and calling it a day. Really need to hit this power ball jackpot tomorrow night so I can go on a permanent vacation…don’t worry, I’ll invite most of you. I mean obviously, my first stop will be to a jewelry store to buy the entire squad some expensive chains for no reason. I think that’s a sign that you’ve made it, giant chains.

But seriously, I’m heading directly to the liquor store once I get out of work to pick up some bitters. I’m planning on getting old fashioned drunk tonight. Channeling my inner Don Draper, if you will. Might even just throw on a suit and some Fran Sinatra just for S’s and G’s. Who knows?

Either way, I hope you fantastic people out there survive the next 50 minutes or so and make it. I’m battling, that’s for damn sure, and I hope you are as well. Let’s fight this fight together.

Take us out, Frank.

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