$1.5 Billion

I can’t even wrap my head around that much money. Do I automatically get a seat on Shark Tank if I win the lotto? I’m legitimately curious. I think I would try to beat Mark Cuban at his own game (which would be insanely difficult, but I like a challenge) by just jumping in last second and snatching up companies from other sharks. Seriously though, I decided that after I win tonight, I’m going to be creating an LLC so I can stay anonymous. I don’t want everyone coming out of left field asking for a handout. I mean I’ll be more than generous with my winnings. I’ve already got about $20 million worth of handouts to give to my friends.

Think about it, the lump sum is somewhere in the $900 million mark, and even after taxes I’d have at least $500 million. I think I can afford to throw out a few million to my friends and family like it was nothing. Then I can blow a solid $200 million and still be set for life…think about that for a second. I will waste $200+ million and still be set for life. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

giphy (1)

See you fuckers on the plane to Ibiza.

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