Ground Control To Major Tom.

Man this one sucks.

Today we mourn the loss of one the most iconic and legendary musicians.

David passed peacefully after a very heroic and strong battle with cancer.

So from one David to another….you are one of my favorites….and will be til the day i punch out.

BUT we also celebrate the legacy and life of this musical mastermind.

David Bowie was a fucking pioneer.

Also Jareth the Goblin King.Character.jareth

They don’t make artists like they used too. Don’t get me wrong there will always be new talent and musicians who captivate us and will continue to do so. Its just the feels these classic hits of their times. Shit gives the chills and the urge to sing out loud…. crank that fucking jukebox to max.

We need to pay homage to artists of all generations. Take more time to kick back to old records. Light that joint up….crack that bottle… try not to get to caught up in modern times too much. Fuck that.

Sure going to the office and grinding to that new drake song is lit but come on…. These lyrics hit with such passion.

What could make a frown turn upside down?! Try watching Dancing in the street and not wanting to break some shit and dance your dick off. Dave and Mick KILLED IT!



Rip Mr Bowie. We could be heroes, for just one day.




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