My Favorite Sports Based On The Shoes

Not going to bore you with an intro, just jumping right in.

1.) Basketball


This is a no brainer. There’s nothing better than a new pair of Nike basketball shoes. Not only do they look the best, they are comfortable and can be worn outside of the actual sport. That’s a major key. There’s a reason why Jordans are a major key when it comes to fashion, and that’s because they’re just the best. Way better than LeBrons.

2.) Baseball

Cleveland Indians v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Metal spikes are hands down the greatest things to be added to shoes ever. Period. No discussion. Nothing beats sliding into 2nd base cleats up ready to murder someone. Plus, Jordan makes baseball cleats so you can stay fashionable while literally murdering your opponent.

PS – That ump is having a day.

3.) Soccer


Honestly, I can’t even really comment on soccer cleats or boots or whatever they’re called. I have no experience outside of AYSO in 2nd grade, and trust me, I wasn’t rocking the fire flames that Nike and ADIDAS are putting out now. Soccer cleats are so loud and obnoxious, you can’t help but love them. Huge fan.

Side note – Someone needs to teach that guy how to put on his shoes.

4.) Football


Nothing beats a new pair of Vapors in the summer. Seriously, give it 5 months, go to the sporting goods store, pick up the newest pair of Vapors, then go run around in a field for a few hours. When you’ve done that, please report back. If you tell me anything other than it was the greatest experience of your life, I’ll call you a liar and assume you didn’t complete the task. Also, major plus for the Jordan factor. Jordan football cleats never had any practical use since they were the equivalent of wearing cinder blocks on your feet, but damn, they looked good.

5.) Track and Field 


Again, this comes down to the spikes (not as great as baseball since you aren’t using them as a weapon) and the outrageous designs. Again, no experience here. I was never really into the whole running for fun thing. But I’ll be damned if I wasn’t captivated by Michael Johnson’s golden track shoes. Love those things. Might buy a pair just because he’s an American Hero.

6.) Hockey


I don’t know a whole lot about playing hockey. Huge fan, but I’m just not any good. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a nice pair of skates. Sergei set the tone with the white skates. Such a cocky move, I can’t help but respect it. Also gets a nod in the weapon department. Skates are hilariously dangerous. Wouldn’t want to take one to the throat.

7.) Golf


Love golf, but there is something left to be desired when it comes to the shoes. How is a fashion mogul going to step out on the course? I know Jordan OBV wears his own brand, but he’s Jordan and I’m not. Tiger has some solid shoes, but they will cost you your first born child. Thankfully Rickie Fowler said what up to the haters and rocked some high tops earlier this year. I love it. Might go pick some up today now that I think about it.

8.)Horse Racing


Did you think I was talking about the jockeys? No chance. I’m talking about the real athletes out there. In all seriousness though, I need to get back to the Kentucky Derby. That shit was LIT AF.

9.) Shin-Kicking


No style. No comfort. You offer nothing. I don’t even understand this. Why is this a thing?

10.) Swimming


You’re not even trying. If we were talking about scuba diving, those fins are wild! Scuba diving would most definitely find a spot on this list, but I’m really not sure it’s a sport.

Not on the list – Wrestling


This is the type of shit that gets you put below swimming. What the fuck is this? Stone Cold Steve Austin wouldn’t be caught dead in those.

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