What a Time…

“What a time…to be alive”


Drake wasn’t wrong here. We live in an absolutely wonderful time in history. We have access to all sorts of information. It’s available at our fingertips. DONALD TRUMP is running for President. Steven Avery has been wrongfully convicted twice. The earth is flat. Aliens took my baby. My iPhone is recording me. SO MANY THINGS. With the certain destruction of mankind imminent, let’s live in the moment and have ourselves a good weekend. Whether you’re just staying in and watching Netflix, going on an adventure, knocking something off of your bucket list, getting off probation early, or just hanging out with good people…have yourself a time. Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things. Your selfies, gym posts, daddy issues, trials and tribulations don’t matter. Just live your own life. Go out and enjoy the weekend. Don’t worry about what anyone else is doing but you. Because, honestly, no one cares. This old fashioned is for all of you. Let’s get the weekend started properly.


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