My DC Journey (Halfway Home)


I’ve got a few more days left, but let’s break down my trip so far.

I got in on Sunday night. Just a few weeks ago the city go hit with a crippling snow storm. Totally understandable, even Detroit drivers would slow down with 3 feet of snow on the ground. But I started hearing more and more about how the city was shut down for days after the snow and I can’t help but be rattled beyond all belief. How do these people run our country? I mean I guess it makes sense, actually. Can’t handle a little bit of snow, why should I expect you to make real decisions.

Things got worse on Monday night. There were whispers of snow coming overnight and people lost their damn minds. The news reports were calling for a snow storm and schools were being closed in preparation of 1-2 INCHES OF SNOW. What the fuck? I heard people in the elevators celebrating because they had already gotten word that they didn’t have to go into work the next day. Absolutely bananas.

Thank goodness no one showed up for work on Tuesday, because it cleared the Metro. Now, I’ve never really been on a rail system outside of the People Mover, which is a hilarious joke, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was pretty surprised by the overall quality and lack of homeless people (from what I could see) on the Metro. Like I miss home, but I don’t miss crazy homeless people pissing themselves on the People Mover while their asking me for a couple of bucks to get back to their house in Warren because they missed the bus from the VA hospital (the same story every homeless person in Detroit tells). It was a pretty smooth ride, and the people didn’t mind me snap chatting everything (from what I could tell) because I couldn’t contain my excitement to show how I wasn’t from the area and had no idea what I was doing.

My gracious tour guide, Morgan, showed me around the city and it was pretty fantastic. I mean the monuments are awesome, the food was great, but that’s not even the best part about DC. No, no, no. DC has the best Snapchat filters in the fucking game. RED, WHITE, and BLUE BALD EAGLES!? UMMM YES PLEASE! I mean they’re all great. I’m so upset that Snapchat isn’t sharing these filters with the rest of us. Also, DC has Yuengling. That’s so clutch, I can’t even get into that because I could go on forever.

On the way home, my cab driver called me guy, turned his Indian music up to 100, then his iTunes said “fuck off, I want to party” and played Gasolina by Daddy Yankee. Shit was fire, fam. I was pretty excited to say the very least.

So I’m excited to see what these last few days have in store. I’ve been catching whispers of some in-class drama going on so I’m excited to eavesdrop on these conversations to learn more! I’ll keep everyone informed.

PS – Don’t think I forgot about the mixtape. The acoustics in the shower are stellar. I’d describe my sound as a mix of Kanye, Elvis, and Mozart.

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