Our First Full Day In Colorado

Can I just pack up and move out to Colorado now? You kidding me with this weather? 70 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. That snow back in Michigan can suck it. People are pretty friendly too…except for any Avalanche fans. Those asshats can get out of my face. Made our way to the Coors brewery for a tour and some samples. Picked up some absolutely key Keystone merch. It has been a hilariously successful day, and it’s only 4:15 as I type this. There is so much time ahead of us for wacky activities. I’m more fired up about running to a bar and catching the Wings Alumni game. Hoping we are the only Wings fans there so we can just run our mouths and piss everyone off.

Sidenote, how weird is AirBnB? Some stranger just lying to his Home Owners Association and running this operation on the down low. What a guy! He could have at least been a decent human and left us an HDMI cord that worked. Had a ton of super interesting videos I wanted to share with the group. Bummer. I guess we can all huddle around my laptop.

Really hoping that a brawl breaks out tonight. Go Wings!


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