Colorado Day 3

We’re still alive. Not sure how. This has to be some sort of miracle. The day we’ve been waiting for is finally here. We can finally watch the Red Wings beat the dog piss out of the Avalanche. What a day. Setting the tone with 3 mimosas for the price of 1 was necessary. I’m just trying to keep this train rolling and talk some shit to anyone wearing an Avalanche jersey. Honestly, I think the Wings fans are outnumbering the home team fans here. Unreal. Love it. Can’t escape if it even if you wanted to.

I’m not sure where this final day will take us, or where I can buy an octopus and a potato launcher. Really want to toss an octopus on the ice, but it’s going to be difficult from a million feet away. Might have to call in Uncle Rico to toss the octopus over the mountains on onto the ice. I’ll show myself out.

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