Colorado: The Badass Recap

We turned the AirBnB* into a trap house.

Wow…That can really sum up the entire trip. What a time. Colorado is a beautiful place. Denver was an amazing city. Such a diverse group of residents. From the no jokes, check cashing business men who wondered why a group of poorly dressed, hungover 20 somethings were in Starbucks at 6am to the smelly, slightly insane, walking dead costarring homeless population near the capitol.

Somehow we lucked out and snagged some badass, all you can drink, mimosas for 1/2 price (must’ve been Crook’s feminine features). Honestly, if you haven’t been to a mimosa bar, I strongly recommend you do so this weekend. I think I watched Crooks put 5 different fruit juices into his concoction. Such a bold strategy.

I was honestly shocked at the amount of Red Wings fans in Denver. We had that place lit fam. We came in there with one goal in mind, talk as much shit to Colorado fans as possible. I think we accomplished that. Nothing like a back breaking, spirit crushing, mind melting last minute goal from the good guys to send the home fans packing early. Seriously, you paid so much money for those tickets, I get that your team is down, but stick it out and have a backbone one time for me. Great seeing the all the Wings fans stick around and get the LGRW chant going once all of the Colorado fans cleared out. One of the top 5 moments I’ve had at a sporting event.



Hey, Mike, look like a bigger ass hat ^…you can’t. (Off topic, but Kyrstin, thank god you’re coming back to work. I need a haircut worse than Colorado needs a good hockey team)

Going back to the pregame for a quick second, we started a “Roy Sucks” chant at the bar before we went into the stadium. That was probably the coolest shit ever. Just completely making fun of a man who is loved by an entire state. Of course we know Roy doesn’t suck, but he did get his ass beat by Vernon so let’s not forget that. Just awesome to see Colorado fans get so butt hurt and angry. Really set the tone for the night.

So many badass memories from this trip though. Great trip with great friends and Crooks. JK Crooks, ur gr8 af too lol. Can’t wait until the Elk & Moose classic to run it back with these idiots.

PS – David, if you’re reading this, sorry about your apartment (aka the AirBnB that got turned into a trap house). At the same time, I’m not that sorry because you gave us a broken HDMI cord, didn’t warn us about the static electricity issue in the halls, and you didn’t let us use your juicer. LOL at you for running an underground AirBnB, just spitting in the face of your HOA guidelines. Real recognize real. Play on player.

*We weren’t actually allowed to call the AirBnB (trap house) an AirBnB because David’s Homeowner Association didn’t allow them. What a fucking rebel.

PPS – If anyone can find Keystone Heavy, pictured below, on the left, I would love you forever if you snagged me a can. I need to try this nectar.


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