Road to the Fenstermacher Cup

Its that time of year. Me and my traveling group of beer league misfits hit the road again in search of another title win. This time last year we got our asses handed to us so fucking bad at this tournament we decided to bail the last few games to get wasted instead. Coming off our last outing at the Traverse City cup, we didn’t do too bad. I mean playing against current NHL and AHL players inst easy when your a duster. Hell we got to skate against the NHLall-star MVP himself, John Scott.


Where the REAL PRIZE here is the comradery and boozing. The nights out and new bars mingling with the local hags and crushing pops with the opposite teams. Its a real treat.

Here the competition can get ugly. we play against the dirtiest old men who seem to have something to prove. “MY WIFE’S HERE GOTTA BEAT ON A GUY HALF MY AGE TO PROVE A POINT SHELL DEF PUT OUT FOR ME AT THE MOTEL AFTER I TAKE A SLAP SHOT FROM CENTER ICE!”


With that being said the to do list for the weekend is real….as followed….

1- find Decker love. Robs coming with us and he loves these trips. He is a true ladies man on the road and isn’t afraid to tongue box a local at the watering hole after a few whiskey sodas.


2- win the cup.

This is why were here. Just down as much booze as possible. Laugh til we cant breathe, enjoy the memories in making and bring back the hardware. 10338348_459677737524827_7102494797180879652_n

3- Do it for GORDON  , NUFF SAID



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