Heading to the Wings’ game with the crew. Gonna rip a few pops in the Olympia Club and talk some mean tractor to these idiotic Rangers fans. Like get the hell out of here. Just because you have more friends than me doesn’t mean you can cut me in the bathroom line. I’m standing my ground. Not backing down. I’ll fight these asshats and their kids. Honestly don’t care. When it comes to the Wings, there are no rules. You play to win the game. If that game is peeing in the trough first, then I’m going to win that game. I’m doing my best out here. Don’t know if the same can be said for the shit show that is Jimmy Howard. I have no idea if he’s starting in net, but I pray to the hockey gods that he isn’t. Jimmy Howard starting is like giving the other team a 3 goal lead from the jump.

That being said, it’s beauty of a day. Get the grill out, put the pops on ice, and tune in to the game. Should be a good one, folks. Fuck the Rangers. Go Wings.

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