The Best Week of the Year

Wow. What a start. The NCAA hoops championship was an incredible way to kick the best week of the year. If you’re not a sports fan, just hear me out while I break this down.

NCAA Basketball Championship

I know this blog is a day late, so I don’t even need to tell you how crazy of a game this is going to be because it actually was insane. What a fitting end to a wild tournament. I honestly can’t remember a crazier tournament. I guess that’s why they call it March (April) Madness, right?


Endings like this make me a little upset that I didn’t go to a big school that had a shot at winning a national championship. Can’t imagine the number of overturned cars and couches burning in the Nova streets. Love it.

Opening Day in Detroit

Forget the actual Opening Day for MLB. That shit is for the birds. The only day I actually care about is Opening Day in the Motor City. If you haven’t experienced it first hand, you’re missing out. Nothing like it, plain and simple. I’ve obviously never been to another city for Opening Day because 1. I don’t give a shit about any other baseball team/city 2. see number 1, but I doubt any other city treats this day like a holiday. It’s going to be in the low 30’s because this is Michigan and the weather here is shit, but I guarantee the stadium/surrounding bars will be packed. Nothing like ushering in a new season of Tigers baseball with thousands of drunken strangers.  I don’t think I’d be able to look at myself in the mirror if I didn’t send out at least 3 snap chugs from inside the stadium with a cool Tigers filter.

More importantly, this is basically the beginning of summer. Nothing really says summer is here like baseball season. I know it’s still as cold as Winterfell but it’s going to be ok. Better times are just around the corner.


The Masters

I know a lot of people probably absolutely hate watching golf on TV, but hear me out here. The Masters is an event unlike any other. Legends are born. Legacies are cemented. Hearts are broken. So many wild and crazy things happen at Augusta National in the pursuit of the green jacket. The 1997 Masters launched the career of one Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. 2015 was the year of Jordan Spieth. This 4 day tournament can literally make careers. Can’t wait to see who slips on the green jacket this year.

I also would like to mention that it’s a great excuse to get hammered drunk for 4 straight days and sit in front of a TV instead of freezing your ass off in this lovely spring weather. It really gets me jazzed up to get out the golf course once the weather finally breaks and spend $50 to shoot 125. Honestly hilarious how bad I am at golf. I was watching little kids play this past weekend and these 12 year olds would whoop my ass. Kinda scary.



PS – Bring back the Don


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