A Saturday With The Boiiz

What have we become? We’ve gone from blogging on a regular basis to only putting out straight heaters on Friday. Damn, this is not what we wanted. Time to reevaluate our lives. Dave and I are cooking up some ideas as we speak (read: we’re getting drunk, listening to bangers on Spotify, and playing NHL). We’re going to have some solid stuff coming your way in the next few weeks. I know we always say that, and most of the time, we are lying because we’re pieces of shit, but I think we meant it this time. We’ve recently discovered Dave has a knack for doing dumb shit on film and capturing audiences. So I think we’re going to go with that approach. So please be patient. We haven’t forgotten about you beauties out there. We love each and every one of you.

Total side note, we’re going to 5th Ave tonight. So come out with us and tell us how big of failures we are. We won’t say you’re wrong. We suck. Let’s just go out dance. We’ll send some snaps out, tell some stories, and have a few laughs. Always a good time. Not really sure what the point of this paragraph/blog has been, but damn it, I’m fired up about it. I’m going to finish this case of silver bullets and dance in the road. I hope I see people out tonight.

PS – Can we all agree that Chicago Blackhawks fans are insufferable? That didn’t really come from anywhere, I was just thinking about it because of all these assholes playing with the Blackhawks on NHL 16 and taking L’s like Meek Mill.

PPS – Here’s a song for you lovely folks.

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