Say Hello To The New Guy

We’ve done it. We’ve expanded. We’ve matured. We’ve become bigger than we’ve ever imagined.

Today, I’m here to introduce you to a great human. This great human also happens to be our newest writer. Before I get into it, I would like to say that this new addition is key in our growth as a blog, brand, global force, etc. There has been something we’ve been missing for a long time, and that’s sports content. Well, worry no longer, my friends, we’ve got it covered. Despite being a die hard Philly fan (That must suck worse than being a Lions fan), he will offer up great takes on the sports world. I’m not sure how qualified he is to comment on NASCAR, but I’m sure he’ll do a damn fine job, nonetheless. Worst case, we get him down to Florida for the Daytona 500 and try to get a press pass. JK, but that would be hilarious.

Without further ado, I’d like to introduce Charles Daly.


(Tell me that doesn’t scream “I KNOW SPORTS” and I’ll call you a liar)

I asked Chuck to write a short intro for us, so here it is:

“As a new member of this stacked team of writing goodness, I would like to formally introduce myself to the masses and set the bar low early to avoid any disappointment. My name is Charles Daly. Yes Chuck Daly. No, I am not the Hall of Fame Pistons’ coach’s son. I am a proud Spartan hailing from Canton MI. I attended Detroit Catholic Central high school in Novi MI. I am 5’9, white, live with my mom, and was kickoff contain in high school. With that impressive resume, I am more than qualified to update the masses with sports related articles ranging from Golf to NASCAR but specific to the Detroit area. Stay tuned for new material. Go Green and Harambre for President.”


So look out for some great content from Charl in the coming days. I’m excited to have him here, I just hope he knows what he’s getting himself into.


PS – Chuck is arguably the fastest white guy I’ve ever met. Might try to get him to race some random white guys around the area to prove that.


PPS – If you want to help send Charles to Florida for the Daytona 500, buy a hat. I’m gladly accepting orders. All profits will go towards getting him to the race to cover it for us.


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