Weekend Festivities

Dave beat me to it. I was going to write something up about Paul Bunyan Days, but that beautiful bastard summed it up perfectly. I’m actually rattled that he was so spot on with what I was thinking. Someone get that man a Pulitzer.

I love adversity though, so I’ll battle through my inability to think of anything else and just give you people a little slice of what my weekend will look like.


1.) Driving to Oscoda:



Nothing screams “I need a bleach martini on the rocks” like spending a few hours in northbound traffic on a Friday evening in Michigan. Absolute misery.


2.) Wiltse’s Oktoberfeset:


I’m actually unbeliveably fired up about this. I can’t wait to get into the finest microbrewery in the north and sip a few pints (read: drink 3 growlers) of some quality alcohol.


3.) Paul Bunyan Days:


Dave summed this up. Paul Bunyan is king in Oscoda and we don’t forget that. Meet me at the base of his statute with a 40 so I know it’s real.

4.) Lakewood Shores:


Find a better golfing experience on the Sunrise Side and I’ll sell you my soul. Easy as that. Go ahead, I’m waiting.

5.) Paul Bunyan Days (Part 2):


Going to get so festive. I can’t limit paying my respects to the realest to ever do it to just 1 evening. I would rather be castrated and move to Tawas (no offense) than miss out on the full hospitality tent experience.

6.) The Office:


Easily the finest watering hole this side of Japan. Can’t wait to slam a few morticians and dance the night away to last decades hits.

7.) The drive home:


I’m prepping some Clorox margs for when we get back. The hangover/driving combo is top 5 worst things ever.



I hope I see all of you beauts out there celebrating the king, Paul Bunyan, this weekend. I will not be turning down any drinking opportunities. Feel free to stop me and go top to bottom on a beverage. Can’t wait.


See ya out there.

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