Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

Hey guys, we just announced our Halloween Costume Contest so I’m here to give you some inspiration if you haven’t already come up with your costume. Don’t forget…best costume wins a price prize pack!

Snapchat Filter

Everyone loves the snapchat dog filter. So of course they made a costume for this. I’m sure every single girl seen in Frat Village at Western will be wearing this.



Anything Election Related

It’s a hot topic and super relevant. I’m partial to a groping Trump or Hillary in Prison costume, but get creative!

hillary-b3025e30-37af-4d75-8dc4-eed21a7379c8 trump-2ef27ce1-6271-4fbf-ad3c-84ae65d4bfef


Clown Costumes

Just a hilarious move because of recent events. I’m sure it’s fine to wear this out at night now.



Harambe and a child

GREAT couples costume here. Absolutely guaranteed to kill it at any party!




Suicide Squad Costumes

This is the costume choice that will be beaten to death this year. Be prepared.



Flint Water

The gift that keeps on giving. Just wear a see through plastic cup and some brown clothing. You’ll be good to go.



Zombie Prince

Nothing beats a fresh celebrity death! People love prince. People love zombies. Mix the two together and you’ve got a recipe for the hottest costume of 2016!

c4654625ea138c5c7cf62c4cdb7059fb  2596483147_58d6bae3b1_b


Zika Virus Adult

You could use some paper mache and some paint to add a grotesque growth to your head. Basically a “Where are they now” for Zika babies.




A pedophile coach is always a hot take costume. Really gets people upset, but is guaranteed to make me laugh! Jerry Sandusky was a great choice a few years ago and it never fails to disappoint.



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