Wow. Words can’t explain how shocked I am that Donald Trump will be the President of the United States of America. Just crazy. I mean Ol’ Don must’ve been watching Miracle on repeat backstage last night, because I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that since the Americans took down the Soviets in ’80.

I’m also so thrilled that the other side is taking the loss so well.

Wait, they aren’t? Color me shocked.

I haven’t been able to open social media today because everyone wants to voice their opinion (by that I mean if you didn’t vote Hillary, you are a sexist, racist, homophobic, rape supporting, piece of shit). Hey here’s a thought guys, if you wanted 4 more years in the White House, maybe you shouldn’t have rigged the primary election to fuck over the only real shot you had.

I get Trump is no saint. I’m not trying to defend his actions. But my question is, where was Hillary when her husband was getting accused of sexual assault? Oh, shaming the women that were accusing him? What a nice lady.

No, I didn’t vote Republican because I hate women. I voted Republican because I always vote Republican. It’s just what I do. It’s my thing. Kind of like how the Sun’s thing is to rise in the morning and set in the evening. So please, for the love of Matt Stafford, stop accusing all Republicans of being in the he-man women haters club. Believe it or not, there are a lot of us who don’t agree with Hillary’s policies (crazy thought, I know) and that’s what we based our vote off. Sorry I didn’t throw my vote away on a 3rd party candidate, that would’ve been as useful as voting for Harambe (RIP).

In short, I hope this spells the end for the circle jerk in Washington that keeps the same families in the power and makes both parties do some serious soul searching. I also hope that the people who are concerned about a bigot being in the White House would show some sort of composure and practice what they preach. By calling an entire half of the nation names does nothing to move in a positive direction. It’s only going to drive people further apart. You want to make a change? Stop calling people names who disagree with you, and work with them to understand their side. You might find out that not every Republican grabs women by the pussy.


PS – If Trump can win the White House, the Lions can win the Super Bowl. Go Lions!.

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