Tiger Tiger Woods, Y’all

He’s back, baby! *Double pistols, putter toss*


Couldn’t be more fired up if I tried to be! Tiger Woods is back today! Sure the Hero World Challenge isn’t exactly the Masters, but it’s a start. All year long, I was holding out hope that Tiger would show up to a major and just return to form, but that never happened. I’m okay with that. Why? Because Tiger wasn’t ready. If he was, then he would’ve played, but he didn’t. I’d rather see a healthy Tiger out there smashing drives, sinking putts, and bangin sluts than an injured Tiger struggling to get through 3 holes.

At the end of the day, a healthy and competitive Tiger Woods makes the game of golf better. I’m still cheering for him to break the all time majors record. Right now though, I’m just hoping he makes the cut so I can blackout this Sunday while wearing red and cheering on the GOAT.

Here’s a little Tiger porn to get you ready for his Noon tee time today:


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